Design and branding


We create brand identities and creative campaigns
that capture people’s imaginations.

We can’t reiterate this enough: Quality design is all in the details. When it comes to creative design, what truly matters in the end are the small differentiating factors that have big impact. Anyone can follow a brief, but it’s the creative touch that produces that “Wow factor” that’s going to make your brand stand out. We are bombarded with countless adverts, messages and other forms of communication each day; many of which are so generic they go right over our heads.

In a market as competitive as New Zealand, we understand how important it is to separate yourself from the ordinary and be a rose among the thorns. We have a team with a wealth of experience in strategic branding across multiple industries and disciplines to pitch in and make sure your brand is marketable, relevant and above all: Unique.

Our design services specialize in the creation and consistent delivery of a brand’s visual vocabulary through all aspects of the marketing and communication mix. Services include visual identity and brand development, brochures, sales material, print ads and more.